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Microsoft's latest inexplicable picks for the Arcade Hits collection


You remember the Arcade Hits collection, don't you? It's the selection of discounted XBLA titles offered by Microsoft. Ostensibly, these are titles that were popular enough that they can now be offered at a reduced price. Now, we have a task for you: We want you to think of three games that you think should be given the honor of becoming an Arcade Hit. Nope, it's not that one. Not that one either. That one isn't even close.

Nope, the three titles that have now entered the hallowed halls of the Arcade hits are Brain Challenge, 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures and Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, all of which will be permanently knocked down to 400 ($5) this Wednesday. That's right, a Brain Age clone, a game you forgot even existed and a game that has already been remastered and made better in every way.

Also on sale this Wednesday, for free, no less: Utter bewilderment.

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