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Red Octane 'evaluating' Project Natal, other motion devices


Guitar Hero peripheral maker Red Octane has been adding approximately 2.5 plastic instruments per year to each American household for nearly four years now. If you're using your computer from atop a stack of music game peripherals like we are, you'll be happy (or perhaps dismayed) to hear Red Octane prez Kai Huang told Digital Spy that his company is looking into Project Natal and "a lot of other different technologies that could enhance the Guitar Hero playing experience."

Huang specifically picked out Natal to address the "many different things you can do with it," echoing statements made by MTV Games last month on the next iteration of the Rock Band franchise. He outlined some potential implementations in the "motion detecting; maybe sensing how you're playing, or the ability to use it for interactivity purposes and taking advantage of it for party purposes." Huang, however, remained cagey on specifics, restating his company is still "evaluating it." Though the tech's still in its relative infancy, as of right now it seems that next year's music-rhythm games are going to feel very different than this year's bunch. We've dropped a demonstration of how awesome you might look playing them after the break!

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