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SwagDog releases new design, limited time discount

Alex Ziebart

This past week, SwagDog (sponsor for our Guild of the Month contest) released their newest custom t-shirt design: The Guild Icon shirt. Whereas their Guild Tabard design is a little busy (with your muscled nerd chest being graced with a guild standard of sorts), their new design is more simplistic in comparison. Your guild icon is front and center, laid atop your faction's icon. Your character's name, race, class and server are listed in white at the bottom, and your guild name across the top. If you so choose, it looks like you have the option to leave your guild and character name blank if you really want the icon to pop. The icon itself has a really cool stone texture to it, like it's been carved out. You can check out a close-up sample of that behind the cut below. This is honestly much closer to my ideal guild t-shirt than anything I've seen yet. The simple design just seems better to me.

If you agree, you're in luck! For the next 48 hours, SwagDog and are giving you 15% off your purchase if you use the coupon code wowicon15 at checkout. Even if this is something you normally wouldn't wear, you could consider it preparation for BlizzCon 2010. No, they haven't officially announced it, but you just know it's going to happen. Plus, from the picture up above it looks like these shirts have magic powers and put the wearer into a state of rapture and/or nirvana. That's pretty cool. I'd take 15% off of nirvana.

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