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Xbox 360 rumored to be getting new holiday bundle, marginally cheaper WiFi adapter


Not interested in the hassle of a $50 mail-in rebate on the Xbox 360 Elite? Then it looks like you may soon have another option that sweetens the deal over the basic $299 console, at least if Ars Technica's usually reliable "mole" is to be believed. As rumor has it, Microsoft will rolling out another of its usual holiday bundles around the middle of October (after the rebate deadline, naturally), this time packing Pure and Lego Batman in with the Xbox 360 Elite (no word on a new Arcade bundle). In other, more disappointing news, the mole has also apparently "confirmed" that Microsoft will indeed be dropping the price of its 802.11g network adapter once the new 802.11n model rolls out, but it'll unfortunately still cost $79.99 -- or just $20 less than it costs today (and only twenty bucks cheaper than the 802.11n adapter).

[Via Joystiq]

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