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Yeah, you can probably expect an Uncharted 3


Sure Uncharted 2 hasn't come out yet. But Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig is seeing a bright and very long future for the franchise. Speaking with the PlayStation.Blog, the studio's creative director mentions that the story of Nathan Drake and co. doesn't end with Among Thieves. "[Uncharted 2] doesn't conclude the story at all. The expectation with Uncharted is that it can be an ongoing franchise as long as people want more of it. All these stories are self-contained. You don't have to play the last one to play this one. Obviously, you're going to get a little bit more out of it if you have. But [Nathan Drake]'s going to have a lot of adventures, thank god."

We can already see the early reviews of Uncharted 3 being written. You can watch the rest of the interview after the break.

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