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DirecTV adds an app store, but compelling reasons to visit remain elusive


Confirming the theory that "everything must have an app store" DirecTV has followed the lead of Verizon and launched a central, online-accessible location for subscribers to choose TV Apps which are then downloaded onto their set-top boxes. Currently holding apps including ScoreGuide, weather forecast, Starz On Demand Feature and more the only question remaining -- judging by the cool reaction to the technology so far -- is why? Our friend Dave Zatz points to a subscriber's YouTube video demoing the Flickr browsing experience that has the same performance problems we observed while reviewing Samsung's latest HDTV. From here you can hit the read link to check out what's available, queue up downloads plus view demos from DirecTV or check the user video after the break. While there is surely an effective way to combine TV and the internet, it looks like this implementation isn't it, yet.

[Via Dave Zatz, thanks Longhairbilly]

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