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Rumor: Activision pulls Wolfenstein in Germany over swastika use


Activision has reportedly and voluntarily removed Wolfenstein from German store shelves. Turns out that the German localization team charged with removing the thousands of swastikas found in the latest Nazi frag-fest apparently missed one.

Germany's no swastika rule in video games has existed for a long time, and the general guideline on the symbol's use is that it can only be utilized in a historical or artistic context -- yeah, let's ignore the "games as art" conversation. We've followed up with Activision for comment and to find out if the game will be re-released in the region at a later date.

In related news, the uncensored Xbox Live demo is out today in: Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States. Nope, Germany's definitely not on the list. [Shortcut: Add Wolfenstein Demo to your Xbox 360 download queue]

[Via Kotaku]

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