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Spotted: Popcorn box o' Xbox 360 peripherals


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Joystiq has obtained official box art for an apparent Xbox 360 peripheral bundle. Diving a hand into the "popcorn" box (warning: contents inedible), one looks to pull out the following:
  • (1) Mini Universal Media Remote (the original Pro pack-in!)
  • (1) Wireless Network Adapter (apparently not the 802.11n version)
  • (1) Xbox Live 3-Month Gold Card
  • (1) 800 Microsoft Points Card
  • (0) No actual popcorn
While pricing and release details have yet to surface (though box art has been created for various European territories), we expect this package of dusty inventory -- hey, it's called "flexibility" people! -- to coincide with the release of the remote-less, WiFi-less Elite Holiday Bundle in the coming months.

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