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TabletKiosk rises from the ashes, pops Atom CPUs into hideous new UMPC / tablet line

Darren Murph

Sheesh -- whatever happened to TabletKiosk, anyway? Aside from one random slate PC tailored for the medical industry, we haven't seen anything meaningful from these guys since 2008. And yes, that includes the present day. Oh sure, the company's newest trifecta of machines -- which includes the 7-inch eo a7330D, 7-inch eo TufTab a7230XD and 12.1-inch Sahara NetSlate a230T -- may use the incredibly mighty Atom CPU now, but that doesn't change the fact that they're all uglier than sin itself. In fairness, all three are designed more for the enterprise market than for fashion conscious consumers, but still, we're struggling to see any design improvements here compared to the wares this outfit was pushing way back in 2007. If you truly believe that beauty's on the inside, hit the read link for all the dirt.

[Via HotHardware]

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