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The Daily Grind: What's next for you?


Phew. Two MMOs, two completely different genres, one day. It was one heck of a day yesterday! Insane I tell you, insane!

Today, however, is a completely different day. It's quiet. It's new. It's even, dare I say it, mysterious! Now that two of the big games that we've been leading up to for so long are released, what's next for you guys out there? What new game on the horizon has tickled your interest? What game is making you bounce excitedly behind your keyboard?

Is it MAG? APB? Huxley? If shooters aren't your thing, what about Cities XL? Earth Eternal? Star Wars: The Old Republic? (Although everyone's excited about that title. Kind of a no-brainer there.)

Talk to us! Tell us where your fancy lies now that the waters have calmed. Put your typey-words down into the boxy-thingy to transmit your beliefs into the internet!

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