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BreakQuest delivering PSP Mini-sized Arkanoid clone

The world currently faces a crisis of epic proportions -- a global shortage of Breakout-esque games. Without competition, the few entries in this brick-smashing genre have monopolized the market, leading to a lack of competition, which will lead to another gaming industry crash, which will lead to complete economic collapse, which will lead to the nuclear apocalypse. Fortunately for us, indie developer Beatshapers will try to save our world this October with a ball-and-paddle PSP Mini titled BreakQuest.

Okay, the demand for Arkanoid clones is considerably lower than the previous paragraph may have indicated, but we admit -- BreakQuest looks pretty stylish. Well, as stylish as an under-100MB Breakout title on the PSP could look. Check out the gallery below for a fresh batch of screenshots.

[Via IGN]

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