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Price check -- Runco's LS-3 projector within reach of mere mortals

Steven Kim

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We'll admit that sour grapes coming from the direction of our wallets usually make us look right past Runco's offerings. It's great stuff from a good company, but let's just say if you slip the Runco logo into a Rorschach test, we won't come up with "affordable." So in case you missed it in our CEDIA blitz, Runco's LS-3 LightStyle beamer carries a MSRP of $4,995 -- not cheap, but not new car kind of money that we associate with the brand, either. It's a 1080p DLP projector that packs a list of Runco tech like ConstantContrast, Vivix enhancement, Runco image processing, that all together are good for 10,000:1 contrast. If you're fortunate enough to be in the market for something like a JVC projector, consider adding the LS-3 to your audition list and call us over for some popcorn.

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