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'Scene It? Twilight' dazzles Wii this autumn, DS in 2010


Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, the twinkly blood-suckers of Twilight are coming to Wii in a Scene It? game this fall! Yes, the vampire franchise -- with only one released movie under its coffin -- will be the subject of an entire multimedia-based trivia game for Wii, featuring some 500 multiple-choice questions based on clips, music and audio from the film.

There are no details about the DS version of the game, which will release sometime next year. (There's also no mention of an Xbox 360 or PS3 version.) We'd call this the "shovelware cash-in of trivia games," but we'd be afraid that in doing so, pale, starving actors covered in glitter would come and suck our blood -- accompanied by throngs of enraged tweens and housewives that would rip our lifeless bodies to shreds. So ... we'll just call it not the game for us.

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