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Take a voyage to... er, to the Discovery

Kyle Horner

Activate your holoemitters and prep your photonic crew, because the ship class that Star Trek: Voyager built is headed to sector near you. The Discovery is the next generation of long-range science vessels, and wow does its design shout it loudly. We're going to overlook the fact that, from the front, the ship looks a lot like a muffin due to its warp foils, and move right on ahead to how cool the rest of the ship looks from other angles.

Although, with the ability to fully customize your ship, we suppose plenty of players will opt for a less bakery inspired frontal appearance purely through coincidence. Plus, there's also the yet-to-be-revealed Cochrane variant as well.

Also, don't let the big blue deflector array fool you into thinking this ship is equipped with some kind of super weapon. Being a science vessel, the Discovery is much more adept at advanced tech, and as such can hone in on an enemies weakness right quick. Who needs heavy weapons when you've got an Achilles heel detector? Heck, this baby can even detect some cloaked ships -- take that, sorta, Klingons!

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