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What do a treadmill, bike tire, and Wiimote have in common?

Brooke Pilley
Save has combined three seemingly unrelated inanimate objects into a dangerous contraption rivaling that of a medieval torture device: the Aion fitness machine! Okay, we'll admit that it's actually kind of cool even though we don't think there's a huge market for MMO-related exercise equipment just yet. (/munches on Cheetos and /sips Coke guilt-free, while /relaxing in comfy chair.)

In an experiment worthy of the pages of Popular Mechanics, these fellows interfaced a basic treadmill, road bicycle tire, and two modded Nintendo Wiimotes with a PC running NCsoft's newest MMO, Aion. It's really only one stick of gum and a few matchsticks short of Richard Dean Anderson material folks.

Anyway, running on the treadmill propels your character forward and flapping your arms while holding two Wii-motes makes your character fly. They also mapped various controller buttons to directional commands and use a mounted keyboard for combat. Take that Billy Blanks! Check out a video after the cut and head on over to Mana Energy Potion for the "system specs."

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