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Aion announces new North American server to be available soon [Updated]


Lani Blazier, associate producer on NCsoft's Aion, has announced today via Twitter that the game will be opening its arms to a new North American server very shortly.

This announcement most likely comes to many cheers from the community, as server queues have continued all this week on many of the NA servers. While we announced earlier that private shop changes will be coming to the game in order to reduce AFK spot holders, the new server will be one of the best ways to help spread out the population.

The new server is currently unnamed and the time frame is still not set in stone, but Lani has assured everyone that the server will be available sometime this weekend. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

A new European server will follow as well, but as of this posting, the time frame for that server is still up in the air.

Update: Fregion [West] has been added to the server list and is now taking players. An East Coast American server and the new European server are also on their way.

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