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    Aion gets reviewed: Let the drama begin?

    Brooke Pilley

    If there's anything that gets MMO fanboys and trolls engaged in a cacophony of epic proportions, it's an official review followed by a score. Oh, and +1 drama if it comes from Eurogamer after that whole Darkfall / Ed Zitron hullabaloo. Oli Welsh of Eurogamer recently reviewed Aion based on his open beta experiences, giving it a 7/10 or 'Good' score. It's not as controversial as a 2/10 or "it has no soul," that's for sure!

    Oli basically sums up his Aion experience with a string of key-presses: "2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 2, 3, 4, 5." We guess he didn't figure out how to make a one-button macro to simplify things even more! Actually, many players are saying this same criticism can be applied to almost all MMOs.

    In terms of pros, he found the world beautiful and polished but in terms of cons it was quite grindy and the focus on PvPvE might not appeal to everyone. It seems we're experiencing a bit of an MMO conundrum since World of Warcraft gained such international popularity: Make an MMO too similar and you're dismissed as derivative; Make it too different and you're not mainstream enough to be accepted. One wonders when the paradigm will shift and MMOs will be judged by their own merits; or at least compared to a new benchmark.

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