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Phat Loot Phriday: Edge of Agony

Mike Schramm

I finally got my Green Proto-drake today, so I was tempted to do that, but instead today we'll go with the old PLP standby of big scary swords. Alliance, before you go running after this one, make sure to see the note below.

Name: Edge of Agony (Wowhead, Thottbot, MMO Champion)
Type: Epic Two-Hand Sword
Damage/Speed: 651 - 977 / 3.50 (232.6 DPS)
  • +112 Agility, +92 Stamina
  • Improves haste by 62, attack power by 183, and armor penetration by 86. Note that these are the stats for the 10-man normal item (Trial of the Crusader drops are pretty confusing actually). The 10-man Heroic version has a better version of this, but with the same name and graphic.

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  • Blue socket with a +4 armor penetration rating socket bonus.
  • Also, this sword only drops when it's Horde running the instance -- Alliance get Reckoning, which is the same sword with a different graphic. So yes, there are actually four different versions of this sword in the game -- normal and heroic for Alliance, and normal and heroic for Horde. Sheesh.
  • Plus, just look at it. Those runes aren't just for the death knight above -- that sword just looks amazing. Alliance is a little too holy for my tastes, but this thing really does look like it could cause some agony.
  • Hunter weapon, kthxbye.
How to Get It: It drops from Fjola Lightbane (as I said before, in 10-man normal or heroic if you want the heroic version), one of the Twin Val'kyr in the Trial of the Crusader. Word out of the instance is that the fight is pretty tame (in fact, the whole instance is pretty tame, we hear), so if your guild is already raiding Ulduar, you should be able to run down the bosses pretty easily. Finish off the twins, loot this from Fjola (pronounced "Fah-jola," of course), win the roll as a hunter against all of those greedy death knights, and the sword is yours.

Getting Rid of It: Sells back to vendors for 29g 40s 7c or disenchants into an Abyss Crystal. Odds are that, unless you're running the 25-man version of ToC, you'll probably be using this until at least Icecrown. It's a nice sword.

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