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Rock Band 2 patched on 360, PS3 update going through cert

Ludomusicians, rejoice! The Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2 received a massive title update earlier today, adding a whole slew of oft-requested features to Harmonix's beefy music platform. The most notable of these additions is that the game now supports wireless microphones, such as those used with Lips. Other changes include improved hammer-ons and pull-offs, background downloading for music store purchases and the "Audition Mode," which allows Rock Band Network users to test out their homebrewed Rock Band tracks.

In a Rock Band forum thread, Harmonix's Sean Baptiste explained the PS3 version of the update is currently working its way through Sony's certification process. We've yet to hear mention of a Wii version of the patch. C'mon, Harmonix! Waggle-rockers need love too!

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