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Second Life Orange Island experiment comes to an end

Tateru Nino

Orange Island, a research project of the Orange telecommunications company, is set to close its doors after a long (and quite successful) run in Second Life. Orange Island opened in late 2007 as an experimental project, with the goal of gaining a better understanding of virtual environments, users and their culture, content-creation and collaboration and the challenges of real-time immersive social environments.

That experimental project comes to a close on Tuesday, 29 September at 11AM SLT (US Pacific time), with a final open (voice) meeting with the Orange Island team (and guests) to discuss the project and virtual environment experiences.

In the days that follow, the team will be publishing a report of their findings and results from the project. During the course of the Orange Island project, Orange brought a lot to the Second Life user community, an example that not every corporate presence has emulated, unfortunately. They will be missed, but we're definitely looking forward to their findings.

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