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TGS 2009: Koei announces Dynasty Warriors Online for PS3

Even from our poorly lit offices, some 6,500 miles away from the Tokyo Game Show floor, we heard shouts of jubilation coming from the Koei stage. The reason for the uproar was due to the announcement made just moments before: Dynasty Warriors Online, an MMO-Samurai-Warfare-Sim for PC, will be making its way to PS3 next year in Japan. Wait. We hear those cheers again! Man, our windows are closed! What's going on?

Details about the title are few, though the official DWO teaser site confirms that while the title will get a retail release, players won't have to shell out for any irksome subscription fees. Instead, Koei will be supported by the community's purchase of Musou Coins, which can be spent on special items and furniture. Furniture? Does this mean we'll finally be able to play as ... the Ottoman Empire?

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