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Survival tips for Fallen Earth

James Egan

Fallen Earth is one of most recent titles to arrive on the MMO scene. If you weren't a beta tester, though, you might have some questions about the best way to progress in the game. Syp over at Bio Break put together some tips to help Fallen Earth players get a handle on the game, and hopefully points out a few overlooked aspects of this post-apocalyptic title. Some of his tips are practical and relate to game mechanics or common mistakes made, others are simply advice from someone who's clearly spent a lot of time wandering the wasteland.

Pair Syp's "20 Tips for Fallen Earthers" with Massively's "FAQ That" for Fallen Earth and you should be well on your way to getting the most from the newly released title. Also don't miss our Fallen Earth guides -- A WoW player's guide to Fallen Earth and the Beginner's guide to horse crafting -- for a closer look at what this MMO can offer.

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