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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup's cup runneth over

The gaming webcomic community really brought their A-Game this week. When given the choice of "going big" or "going home," they clearly chose the former. You could say they went to town. You might even say they went to town in a Lincoln. In recognition of their efforts, we decided to break our weekly cap of seven strips, bumping the total up to a nice, round 10. We hope you don't mind the extra reading.

Set some time aside to check out our 10 favorite webcomics from the past week, listed below. Don't forget to factor in a bit of extra time to vote in the poll. Given the surplus, it'll probably take you a bit longer to deliberate. Don't give up! We thrive on your democratic input.

Bat-a-hang (PvP)
The Old Switcheroo (Dipswitch)
The Wisdom of Solomon (Penny Arcade)
Prepare to Drop Dollars (Digital Unrest)
Voice/Off (Sidescroller)
Drawing a Blank (2P Start)
Wait, There are Levels? (Virtual Shackles)
Tough Times (Nerf Now)
Where's Waluigi? (Brawl in the Family)
ODST Rly? (Monday Night Crew)


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