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WRUP: Brewfest is back edition


What's the team playing this weekend? What are the readers playing this weekend? Even before looking at our highly scientific poll data, I think it's safe to say that quite a few of have our eyes on the prize (which is to say one Violet Proto-Drake) and are working on Brewfest achievements. But as one or two of the team still insist on maintaining independent thought and action, below I have included a list of what we're all playing this weekend -- including those of us who aren't bothering with Brewfest.

  • Adam Holisky (@adamholisky): This weekend I'll be playing Civilization 4 and... well, nothing else.
  • Alex Ziebart (@aziebart): That 'playing' part of WRUP will need to wait awhile. I have a lot of work to get caught up on, both here on and elsewhere. When I do get some play time in, though? Probably Brewfest. Or Left 4 Dead to hype myself up for Crash Course and Left 4 Dead 2. Sometimes you just need to kill zombies, you know?
  • Allison Robert: What am I playing? Well, it's not a game as such, but I suppose I could always sell the Allie Needs A New Computer game to Hasbro or whatever. Being unable to get through even a 5-man or a resource-intensive application without the laptop core temp going Hiroshima on my ass has gotten really, really old.
  • C. Christian Moore (@TheArenaGuy): putting finishing touches on part II and III of Blood Sport for work-related stuff. Even though AV killed "capped" account twinking, I'm thinking about making a level 60 ret paladin twink -- he's already level 20! Full-enchanted BoA gear owns. As for non-WoWrelated stuff, I'm taking the wife out on a date tonight after picking up adult beverages for the weekend. (Anyone else here love Guinness?) Oh, and also watching the games on Sunday. Hooray for football season.
  • Christian Belt (@Ihatewarlocks): I'm setting up a Twitter account! I'm branching out, trying to spread the warlock hate to wider audiences. Come visit!
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb): I should only need one more day of Brewfest to get enough tokens for the Brewfest clothing. Then I'll get that achievement, sell them back and get the Brew of the Month Club and the Elekk pet. Alas, since I am a Death Knight, I'll still have to wait for Hallow's End for my Drake. Also, I am trying to get serious about running the heroic daily. Daddy needs some T9.
  • Dominic Hobbs (@DMZduffry): I'll be looking to get some ilevel 258 gear into the guild and we have a date with Lady Onyxia. I also need to get an updated version of the DPS spreadsheet out so I'll be doing some of that as well. Having finally gotten my Violet Proto-Drake I would welcome an achievement break but Harvest Festival is starting so plenty of food related fun and frolics to be had. Yay!
  • Eddie Carrington (@Brigwyn): I just found a new guild home. One that might actually make me stop deleting and re-rolling. So a shout out to the guys of <Concedo Nulli> on Khadgar! If you're on the server feel free to say "Hey!" As for actual WoW play? A recent someone has challenged me go back and try battlegrounds again. So I'm thinking I'll check out AV. If you happen to be in my battle group, Stormstrike, and notice a man eating ghostsabre called ElvistheCat running around, then you know there's at least one easy kill you can get. Otherwise, I'll be pushing my way through Dragonblight.
  • Elizabeth Harper (@faience): Brewfest, Brewfest, and also possibly some Brewfest.
  • Gregg Reece: Catching up on sleep, tanking Onyxia, and eating birthday cake.
  • Lisa Poisso (@emused): Wrapping up the poor, nerfed Nesingwary quests in Nagrand and slipping over to Northrend with my Rogue.
  • Mark Turpin (@The_T): I think I'll just be chilling in WoW with my freshly ding'd 80 paladin, I'm looking to exploit any kind groups and get LOTS of loot from instances that I shouldn't be in due to having rubbish gear :D. That and just see how fast I can fly coast to coast on my Violet Proto-Drake!
  • Matt Low (@mattycus): Probably won't be playing anything. Why? Cause it's my birthday! Dwarf priests are party animals! Don't bother asking what I'll have done. I doubt I will remember.
  • Matthew Rossi (@MatthewWRossi): Debating starting a journal comic because I frankly can't stand typing in my actual journal. Also probably trying to kill Ony some more, I want a pair of Deathbringers for my shammy.
  • Mike Schramm (@mikeschramm): Finally back in Azeroth after being offline for about a week. Got a Green Proto-drake (finally!), so my next goal is a mounted squire, along with a guild Onyxia run.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): Brew. Fest.
  • Zach Yonzon (@battlemasters): We're reactivating my wife's account after her break from WoW to get her that Violet Proto-Drake. Fortunately, we've still got those Brewfest clothes from two years ago, which should make things a little easier. As for myself, I'll have to wait until Winter Veil to get my sweet ride. I'm also drawing even more cool stuff aside from The Battlemasters which hopefully all you guys will get to see sometime soon®.
And now it's your turn. Tell us, dear readers, what are you playing this weekend?

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