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Sword of the New World offers new frontiers in Echoes of an Empire

We haven't heard anything about Sword of the New World: Granado Espada from the folks over at GamersFirst in some time. But with this most recent note, we learned why. Apparently they've been hard at work getting an ambitious new expansion pack ready for players to enjoy. If the above screenshot is any indication, this new area continues Sword of the New World's rich look and highly picturesque graphics, flavored by Central American ruins and tribal cultures.

Named Echoes of an Empire, this new update offers players the chance to adventure in a new region named Errac, including the city of El Dorado. Players will also be able to unlock two new Unique Player Characters: Nar, an Erracan Warrior, and Selva (or Lady Katovic as players know her), who is described as "calculated, menacing and brutal." Now, as to whether or not this El Dorado is covered in gold they didn't say, so you'll have to adventure in the new lands of Echoes of an Empire and figure that one out yourself.

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