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TGS 2009: Oh! Falling Egg!!


In my ongoing effort to find a game at Tokyo Game Show that didn't have a two-hour wait, I settled upon Oh! Falling Egg!!, a student game from Nagoya Kougakuin College. With a name like Oh! Falling Egg!!, how could I pass it by? The game is so surprised about the falling egg! I must address the situation!

The situation is that there's a walking egg, and a pair of outstretched hands. Moving the hands left to right causes the egg to walk left and right along platforms. Holding a button while the egg is in your hands pulls back to toss the egg in the air. The goal is to navigate platform areas by tossing and catching the egg, making sure it lands only on soft yellow or bouncy pink blocks, and not the metal blocks upon which it will be smashed.

It's a cute game with an inventive mechanic, and simple enough to understand that I didn't need a control diagram or a PR person explaining it to me. It was a pleasant experience that served as a nice break from being carried around Makuhari Messe in a wave of people.

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