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The Daily Grind: Random acts of awesome

We've all probably had it happen. You're out fighting and someone runs past. Fwoom! Perhaps you're sitting peacefully, waiting for your party to catch up and zing! The next thing you know, there's an aura around your character as you gain a buff. Sometimes it happens so fast that you don't even get a chance to say thanks - or even figure out how the heck it got there in the first place. Other times, you'll all be standing around and someone will just randomly start buffing others for something to do.

This morning we thought we'd ask - have you ever been on either end of a drive-by buffing? If you're the buff-ee, do you try to say thanks, or do you just keep on trucking? If you're the buff-er, do you expect thanks? Or are you just having fun making other people's day a little bit better? Has anyone's run-by buffing helped turn the tide for you? Add your thoughts, stories, and other related whatnots in the comments below!

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