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Asheron's Call gets a slew of new enhancements for the 10th anniversary


When November rolls around, it's time for Asheron's Call to celebrate 10 years of being online. That's a pretty epic anniversary, so it makes sense that Turbine's preparing a pretty epic set of patches. This anniversary isn't being overlooked in the slightest.

While details are still coming in as to what will be offered, already we know that magic users will be jumping for joy with the new magic infusing abilities in the new augmentations area. Mastering a school of magic will infuse you with its energy, letting you cast spells without holding the Foci or components to cast spells, although you will still need scarabs and tapers. Weapons will work relatively the same way, with new augmentations increasing effective skill with certain types of weapons.

Turbine is also introducing a new item type, trinkets, and a new crafting type to create personalized trinkets, gearcrafting. Trinkets will contain small enchantments that can be activated by the player, but only one trinket may be active at a time.

Warcry has a great rundown on what's being added with the 10th anniversary patch, so head on over there to see all of the good news coming in November!

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