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Stan Lee: Game development is a 'miracle'

Justin McElroy

For all our too-cool-for-the-room cynicism about video games, it's refreshing to hear the beautiful innocence of a child's perspective on them. In the absence of a child's perspective, however, we're willing to accept the perspective of an old, old man, which is basically the same thing. Speaking with The Guardian, Stan Lee admitted that we was fundamentally clueless about the mechanics of game making, adding "It's like a miracle."

Let's try something, just for today. Let's try to ape Stan Lee's attitude. Let's try to remember that from the games destined to be classics down to the games made by Destineer, they're all miracles; especially when you consider that 50 years ago, the industry didn't even exist. We're living in the future, friends, and if someone as rich and old as Stan Lee can realize it, we should be able to as well.


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