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This Wednesday: Military Madness and Football Genius Bust-a-Move onto XBLA


This week's Xbox Live Arcade lineup is Madness -- Madness, we tell you! Well, okay, so it includes Hudson's revival of the TurboGrafx-16 classic Military Madness, but also two other releases. Still: Madness!

Military Madness: Nectaris takes the hex-map strategy game into the era of polygons and -- better yet -- four-person online play. It's going to run 800 ($10), which is considerably less than a used TG-16, a TurboChip (remember those? If so, you're old) and the original game will cost you on eBay.

Another classic strikes back in the form of Bust-A-Move Live, the latest retooling of the bubble-shooting puzzle game that's appeared on every system dating back to the abacus. Did you know it's a spin-off of Bubble Bobble Neo from two weeks back? Well, it is. It's also 800 ($10).

Rounding out the bunch -- and making us thankful that every XBLA game has a trial version -- is Football Genius, a football trivia game about that kinda football; otherwise known as "soccer" up in here. We'd give the 800 ($10) release a shot ... if our goal was to be bored. (We love you, soccer/footie fans, but c'mon, seriously?)

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