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Video hands-on: PSP Go


We've had our very own PSP Go for a little over a week now in preparation for the review of the system we posted earlier today. When we first got it in, we were limited to showing you a video of the unboxing -- accompanied by some upbeat jazz -- but today it's all fair game.

We wanted to make a video to compliment our review by showing the system in action, sizing it up against other handhelds, taking a look at loading times and demoing some of its exclusive features. We believe the above video is that video. In fact, we know it is, because we've watched it about a dozen times. We hope you'll want to watch it just as many, but we'll understand if you want to keep it to, say, two or four viewings. (If only to appreciate the Garrison Keillor-esque cadence and model-caliber hands of its narrator.)

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