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Video: Project Natal hands-on goes round two with Katamari Damacy, Space Invaders

Ross Miller

Several months have passed since our last encounter with Project Natal, Microsoft's controller-free, gesture-based interface. Developer enthusiasm and rumored release dates aside, since that time there hasn't been much in the way of new, concrete details or any title announcements. That didn't stop Kudo Tsunoda and gang from coming to Tokyo Game Show to give the Japanese audience a taste of the title. We managed to get ourselves some more time with the system, which included previous demos Ricochet and Burnout Paradise, along with newcomers Beautiful Katamari and Space Invaders Extreme. This time around, things felt a bit more glitchy than before, with some weird graphical maladies around our virtual wrists and a few occasions where recalibration was required (which is simply accomplished by covering up the sensor with your hand for a couple seconds). Our Engadget Japan correspondent Ittousai couldn't get his hair to detect, but Tsunoda inferred that it was something they were working on as the project continued. Going through the menus, we spotted Lumines among the other games on the console -- Tsunoda wouldn't comment on it, but he did note that adding Natal support isn't something that's likely to be patched into existing titles. Care to take another peek at what you'll look like when Natal eventually comes to your living room? Video demonstration after the break.

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