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Keepin' it real fake, part CCXXXVI: Nokia N900 rip shows no trademark fear

Chris Ziegler

It's pretty typical for serial KIRFers to make minor changes to the names of the brands they're ripping -- take Sany Ericssan, for example -- but we've never really known why. "Go big or go home" is the KIRF mantra we prefer to live by, and if you're going to gank a phone's design, by golly, do it with gusto. Give it 110 percent. In your heart, after all, that NOKLA's really a Nokia -- it's what you feel deep inside that really matters, and no well-staffed, well-funded Finnish legal team can tell you otherwise. That's why we've got to hand it to this particular model, simply called "Copy Nokia N900" in a painfully honest, accurate admission of its true raison d'être. Strangely, though, they've missed a few basic points: the Copy Nokia N900 trades the genuine article's landscape QWERTY slider for a dual slide configuration in the same vein as the N85 and N95, for example, and Maemo 5 has gone missing -- instead, you're treated to a frighteningly accurate S60 5th Edition knockoff. If you can tolerate the dismal VGA cam, GPRS data, and QVGA screen, you'll be pleased to discover that the phone features an analog (yes, analog) TV tuner and an accelerometer with "support" for flick control, which you can watch in action on video after the break -- looks super fun and usable, doesn't it?

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