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Toshiba launches new Satellite netbooks in the US and UK


We know you love nothing more than a Toshiba Satellite laptop announcement, so listen up: the company has just announced two new CULV ultraportables of the UK and stateside market: The Satellite T135 (or the T130 as it's known overseas) is a 13.3-inch beauty with options including either an Intel Pentium, Celeron single core or Celeron dual-core CPU, up to 3GB of DDR3 RAM, and 250GB harddrive. The Satellite T115 (or T110 in the UK) sports an 11.6-inch display, either an Intel Pentium or Celeron single core CPU, and up to 4GB of RAM and 500GB harddrive. What's more, the kids over at Laptop Mag have given the T135 the old once-over and found it to be a pretty good deal: "for slightly less than the competition," they said of the $709 review unit, you're getting "good performance and a stylish design." Perhaps the single touchpad button and the quiet speakers will be a turn-off to some, but it takes all kinds, right? Look for the T135 and T115 on October 22nd, for $599 and $449 respectively -- their UK counterparts should hit the streets on the same date, priced from £429.
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