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Joachim Bean
Save, Apple's service for sharing documents from iWork '09 to the Internet, which our own Dave Caolo posted about it's shortcomings just last week, received an update a few days ago along with iWork '09. It added a few new features and improvments to the service, which is still in beta.

They include:

  • Automatic email notification. Now the beta lets you stay up to date whenever viewers add new comments or notes to your posted documents. You can choose to be notified immediately, hourly, or daily.

  • Enhanced security. Automatic 128-bit SSL encryption now safeguards communication between you and your viewers via You can also password-protect documents you share on even if someone has a link to your document, they won't be able to view it without the password you supply.

  • Refined user interface. The redesigned Shared Documents page includes thumbnail previews so you can more easily identify your shared iWork files. You can also organize your shared documents by date, name, size, or comments received. And you can now access all your shared documents by signing in at

You should be able to use these new improvements once you've updated to the latest version of iWork '09, if you haven't already done so.

Also, Apple has set up a new news page, where you can get updates on iWork and the service.

Hopefully, these improvements will further advance the service.

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