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Atlus bringing Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition to XBLA in March '10

If you missed ACE Team's first-person melee title, and indie darling, Zeno Clash on PC earlier this year you'll have a second chance next March when the title comes to Xbox Live Arcade, courtesy of publisher Atlus. This won't be a straight port, however: "New modes –including all-new cooperative mode for the Tower Challenges –new features, and added content combine with a series of tweaks and improvements based on fan feedback to deliver the definitive version of the critically-acclaimed game." No word on if these "definitive" changes will make their way back to the original PC release.

Of course the Chile-based ACE Team is also hard at work developing the game's sequel so perhaps some of the tweaks in Ultimate Edition may reveal what's in store for the next iteration of the game. And with that, we add another title to the always growing list of Q1 2010 releases we have to play.

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