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Redefining MMOs: Have your say


Back in July, we started our Redefining MMOs series of articles to explore how the MMO genre has been redefined during the current generation of games and where it's headed in the next. Each of us here at Massively contributed our own unique perspectives on various topics, from those first articles on the terminology we use to refer to MMOs and the importance of lore to the latest article where developers weighed in with their opinions. Developers from several major MMO development studios discussed the term "MMO", what they think it means now and whether it's time for a new word. It's been an exciting series of articles for us to write and we hope you've enjoyed reading it.

Many of you have already been inspired to comment on the articles and discuss your views on each topic. Your comments have given us a great deal of cause for thought and before we wrap up this popular series, we'd love to hear more of your thoughts. If you've ever wanted to get your opinions on the MMO genre in the spotlight, this is your chance. Simply write your own Redefining MMOs article on your own blog or website and drop the link in the comments. We'll announce our favourite reader submission next week and give them pride of place in next week's final wrap-up article.

Skip past the cut for our full submission guidelines.

How to submit your article:
Step 1: Pick a topic to write on that relates to the Redefining MMOs concept. It should be generally about some aspect of how the genre has changed over the years, where you think it's heading or even where you think it should be heading.
Step 2: Write your article on your own blog or website. If you're thinking of starting a new MMO blog, you can set one up for free at Google's
Step 3: Comment on this post, including the link to your article and a short description of it or the title.

Submission guidelines:

  • You can write about any topic that relates to the Redefining MMOs concept. It doesn't have to be a topic we've covered here at Massively.
  • Begin the article's title with "Redefining MMOs: ", followed by your chosen topic.
  • Link to our Redefining MMOs category somewhere in your article. We recommend doing it in the introduction, to let your readers know where the inspiration for the post came from.
  • Put your Massively username or the email address you use here in your article to help us verify that you wrote it.
  • Submissions must be in by about 1PM on Tuesday 6th Oct to give us time to read them and decide on our favourite.
That's it! Any length of article is acceptable, so you can write as much or as little as you like. You can even include some of your own screenshots or images in your article to spice it up a little. Your link will remain on this article's comments for all to see and our favourite submission will earn pride of place in next week's series wrap-up post. The winning submission will be linked to in the post right next to the links to our own articles.

For those of you entering, good luck and we look forward to reading your opinions.

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