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Splinter Cell Conviction Collector's Edition sneaks into Australian retailer site


Australians with a burnin' love for Sam Fisher will be glad to hear that Splinter Cell Conviction has a Collector's Edition with bonus content coming next February when the game ships in their country. According to the product's listing on JB HiFi, $119 AUD ($104.42 USD) nets you a "Sam Fisher figurine" and "other exclusive content."

Though GameStop Australia doesn't have the listing and picture you see above, it does share the same pre-order bonus detailed by JB HiFi. For plunking down your dollars early, you'll receive extras ranging from a "scratch card to unlock unique in-game content" to a download code for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Both Australian listings also say the Chaos Theory download will come from "Xbox Live Arcade," though that could simply be poor phrasing for the "Games on Demand" offering.

We contacted Ubisoft Montreal who told us the company has "no official announcement" for North America at this time (our question about Chaos Theory was unanswered as of publishing). We'll assuredly find out more soon, as the game's February 2010 release date isn't so far away.

[Via Destructoid]

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