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Acronym's PMP-loving jacket keeps your earbuds safe, murders your bank account


Sure, the Acronym GT-J14 won't even charge your iPhone, but at first glance we loved the idea: take a stylish GORE-TEX jacket and throw in a couple slick features aimed at the eager urban technophile, including a so-called Gravity Pocket (accessible by a zipper on your forearm, contents can be dropped directly into your hand using a draw string -- demonstrated about 2:25 into the video after the break) and our personal favorite, a magnet that holds your headphones in place while you take that important phone call. We were feeling pretty good about this one, that is, until we finally tracked it down: lists it for €735 (yes, that's around $1,068). This is clearly only for those of you who put the word "disposable" in "income." Looks like we're going to have to find another way to keep our Lady Gaga headphones safe and secure, after all...

[Via Gadget Review]

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