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ECA creates Gamers for Digital Rights movement

When it comes to dealing with the politics of software piracy, most lobbying groups side with the creators of the content that's being buccaneered. While groups like the Entertainment Software Association are serving a just and noble cause, the Entertainment Consumers Association is worried that this one-sided representation could end up with non-pirates getting the royal shaft. To better voice our plight to agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the ECA recently formed an initiative called "Gamers for Digital Rights."

The GDR's mission is to "get the information out to consumers on the ins and outs of content protection," instructing its members on their rights in relation to restrictive DRM and unfair EULAs. Those interested in joining the group can sign up on the ECA's Facebook page. If you're hoping to get into the action right this second, ECA president Hal Halpin has penned a petition you can sign and send to the FTC, who's currently holding town hall meetings to discuss the future of DRM.

Or you can, you know, do none of that stuff. Just don't let us hear you complaining when the next Sporegate debacle starts up.

[Via Shacknews]

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