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Logitech Squeezebox Radio unboxing

Tim Stevens

A wee bit of the fanfare was taken out of the Squeezebox Radio announcement when the FCC went ahead and told us all about the party before Logitech had a chance to jump out from behind the sofa and yell "Surprise!" Expected or not, we've now got ourselves a streaming radio for testing in the house. It has a trendy, piano-black, fingerprint-magnet coating on the outside that looks classy as long as you can keep it clean, separate volume and scroll knobs on the front, and a little handle on the back that could make it a nice portable. However, without the optional battery pack, this thing isn't going far. We haven't had a chance to pump any tunes through either its Ethernet or 802.11b/g connections just yet, having barely turned it on and told it our language (Hola!), but we'll report back in the very near future with a full set of acoustic and functional impressions.

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