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PS3 outsells Wii in Japan for September; thanks Slim!

What do we know about Japan? Even after those weird commercials, the PlayStation 3 has managed to outsell the Wii in Japan following the (what you might call) successful launch of the newly "encheapened" PS3 Slim. Japanese market research firm Enterbrain estimates that from August 31 through September 27 309,939 PS3s were sold; a new monthly record for the console.

If you've been following our weekly Japanese Hardware Sales updates, this is no surprise to you. The usually dominant DSi and DS Lite combo sold a combined 297,060 units, which came alarmingly close to the Sony record, considering the 7,350 percent boost the PS3 saw post-Slim. It's notable that this Bloomberg report doesn't even list the Wii's monthly sales; however, with Nintendo's Wii at ¥20,000 (down from ¥25,000) starting this month, we imagine next month's chart will look a little different.

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