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Uncharted 2's cinematic properties parodied in PS3 commercial

It's really difficult for us to write clever observations about any installments in Sony's "It Only Does Everything" ad campaign. For instance, the recent commercial for Uncharted 2 (posted after the jump) is already really funny -- trying to get a few cheap lulz at its expense would be a Herculean comedic task.

Regardless, we'll give it the ol' college try: Man, that guy's girlfriend sure is confused, isn't she? She thinks it's a movie! What a silly misconception. Oh, look, she's got popcorn! Man, don't you hate it when you eat popcorn and a piece of shell gets stuck in the back of your throat? That's the worst, isn't it? You're all like "Hacccckkkkk! Caahllllkkk!" And it just won't come out!

Yeah, we're done here.

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