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World of WarCrafts: Flickpainting and a playtime playlist


World of WarCrafts spotlights art and creativity by WoW players, including fan art, cooking, comics, cosplay, music and fan fiction. Show us how you express yourself; contact our tips line (attention: World of WarCrafts) with your not-for-profit, WoW-inspired creations.

In the wake of the torrential magnificence of the cosplayers at BlizzCon and Dragon*Con in recent weeks, we're going to dial back the sheer creative force this week. Let's catch up with more humble creative efforts with a new take on an old favorite (yes, it's another take on fabric painting) plus a playlist of WoW machinima and songs designed especially as an accompaniment to your playtime.


Serthida of US Bloodhoof-H sent us yet another fresh take on Sugarrat's wildly popular bleach shirt. Serthida has created a bandana, but the approach works equally well on tees and other fabric.

Click through the gallery below for complete instructions.

Gallery: Serthida's flick painting | 8 Photos

Video playlist

While this isn't an original creation per se, we think it's a super way of bringing the sights, sounds and energy of WoW into your gaming or work sessions. If you've been looking for something to keep your attention during flights or for background companionship while you work or study, look no farther than Richwarf's YouTube WoW playlist. Richwarf keeps the two-year-old playlist updated with new WoW-related music, videos and machinima. "The best thing to do is play all and pop a mark in the random box," he suggests. He welcomes recommendations and suggestions for the list via YouTube private message. Sounds like a natural for anyone who plays with a laptop or second system next to their main screen.

World of WarCrafts is looking for WoW filkers. (What's that? If you're unsure, you're not one -- but stay tuned, because we'll track one down and show you the scene!) Filkers and other creative types, please contact us via our tips line (attention: World of WarCrafts). Not-for-profit work only, please.

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