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Woop woop, that's the sound of the space police: Meet CCP's "Permaband"


Now normally when we talk about EVE Online, it's about a scandal, or some theft, or just the general talk on how to pilot your virtual spaceship better. This, however, is certainly not one of those EVE Online stories.

So what is this story about? Well it's a story about what happens when you add rap to CCP. And what would happen if CCP made a rap video and got many members of their staff to star in it... because they did. The guy in the top? No, he's not some aspiring white rapper (although he might be after this) -- he's Sveinn Kjarval, EVE's lead game master. The girls on his left and right? That's EVE's marketing director on the left and the CEO's assistant on the right.

Now before you go running off to find this golden video of awesome, we need to warn you, it's seriously not safe for work. (Except it's safe for CCP's work, because it's CCP's offices, so it's ok to watch this video if you work at CCP.) We'd love to embed it here for ya, but sadly, due to explicit lyrics (and a techno viking), we can't. But if you're ok with some NSFW content, then do we have the link for you.

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