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Motorola Sholes and Torch battery covers unearthed (hey, it's something)

Chris Ziegler

We really don't need any more convincing that the Sholes is real, but what about the Torch? Oh, you don't remember that one? Yeah, we had to look it up to refresh our memory -- turns out this was the rumored market name for the Inferno, a touchscreen featurephone Moto apparently had in the works to replace the Krave on Verizon. The company has just published press shots of the battery covers of both the Sholes and the Torch -- those are the names Motorola is using, though it's not uncommon for them to refer to press shots by codename, so we wouldn't make much of it -- so if we had to guess, the Torch is still alive. Also notable is the fact that they're showing two versions of the Sholes' cover, one with a Verizon logo and one without, so this is a strong indicator that there'll be a second model -- most likely for overseas GSM markets. Or, you know, an unlocked US 3G version. Dare to dream, right?

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