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Now you'll have to buy Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing


Just when you thought he'd finally get around to avenging his father's death, Ryo Hazuki has appended one more thing to his lackadaisical to-do list: "Appear as a playable competitor in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing." It seems Sega might have a lucky hit (how about it?) on its hands, especially if the compulsion to purchase any new Shenmue-related material -- no matter how tactlessly integrated -- is as strong with you as it is with us.

Of course, one can hope (in vain) that Ryo and his forklift follow a similar trajectory to Rocket Knight, first appearing as an undignified cameo and then a proper protagonist. Expect to make your grudging purchase of All-Stars Racing sometime in 2010, henceforth referred to as the day of the incident.

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