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Zune services headed for mobile phones next, no timeline in place yet

Laura June

Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet is reporting some interesting tidbits of information she gleaned from the Microsoft Open House today. Foley spoke with Jose Pinero (Director of Communications for Microsoft's TV, Video and Music Business), who confirmed that Zune's next step will be to mobile phones, but that a "timeline for when that will happen" hasn't been discussed. Really? Not even discussed yet? Now, we've been hearing about (and hoping for) Zune on Windows Mobile phones for quite a spell now, so while we're glad to hear it's still a priority, the lack of a timeline is a bit disappointing. Foley also questioned Pinero about about the possibility of Zune Pass subscription services showing up on Apple devices (and others) at some point in the future. He indicated that Microsoft is "evaluating a lot of options in terms of platforms," which is basically a reiteration the company's Zune-stance all along -- that it's a media service, rather than merely a device. So we're not going to freak out over that yet, though we have to say we'd love to see Zune cropping up all over the place.

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