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BlackBerry Storm 2 double feature: Vodafone display and Verizon training video sighted

Ross Miller

We're not saying BlackBerry's Storm successor is due for release just around the corner. We're not saying that, but we have been seeing a number of telltale signs that piezoelectrified touchscreen device is soon for this world. Herein we present the two latest pieces of evidence, a Vodafone display found at Carphone Warehouse and a leaked, very blurry Verizon Wireless training video that contains a scraps of details. It'll launch with BBOS 5.0, unsurprisingly, and come packaged with a 16GB microSD card and 2GB internal storage, a Bing search app, and City ID app. See it for yourself after the break -- excited yet?

[Via Berryscoop]

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