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IBM's ultra-cheap DNA Transistor dream could lead to personalized medicines, confusion

Darren Murph

Are you ready to get your nerd on? No, seriously -- are your rimmed glasses and pressed slacks at the ready? Good. IBM has just announced a full-on research project that intends to drive the cost of DNA sequencing down from millions of dollars to under $1,000. The reason? An ultra-cheap, silicon-based DNA Transistor could essentially "pave the way to read human DNA easily and quickly, generating advancements in health condition diagnosis and treatment." Moreover, it could eventually lead to personalized genome analysis and personalized medicines, meaning that your weekly dose of pills may literally have your name written on them. Just think -- with this breakthrough in place, you might just live long enough to see the Robot Apocalypse. Fun! Video's after the break.

[Via NY Times, thanks Serge]

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